Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tempura Moriawase with Umami Sweet Sauce

Don't we all love tempura? The crispy texture when you sink your teeth into one of those morsels. The delicious dipping sauce that was served with it. The only thing that I ever hated about tempura is that they are so delicious I need to spend a lot of money to eat such quantity that actually satisfies me!  So what if you can make equally delicious tempura at home at a fraction of that cost? Go get your ingredients and let's eat tempura!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fool-Proof Method to Rid Hands of Odor/Smell

How many of you have had the experience of staining your hands and fingers with food smell that resulted from handling pungent food or fruits? Yes, we are talking about Durian, Fish, Garlic, Onion and

Friday, June 21, 2019

Demo Class in YL SG Office: Peppermint infused Chocolate Fondue

Cooking with Essential Oil

Chocolate and Peppermint has been a classic pairing for centuries so its a no brainer for coming up with this recipe when Young Living Singapore has released the Plus Peppermint Essential Oil to the public. I loved liquid chocolate but the problem is, I also have a sensitive throat that will bail on me whenever I eat "heaty" food especially one rich in Chocolate or melted butter. So with this recipe, the peppermint balanced out the heatiness from the chocolate and I have swap the melted butter with coconut cream and warm milk with milk. The end results is a delicious liquid chocolate that will not only not resulted in heatiness but also cut down on the fat level so that those calories counters can enjoy an indulgent and guiltless feast with this recipe!  

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Demo Class in YL SG Office: Chicken Alfredo

Chicken and cream sauce goes very well with each other especially the Alfredo sauce. Note that this recipe is different from a Chicken Fricassee (a dish of stewed or fried pieces of meat served in a thick white sauce) as we will be pan frying the chicken breasts to perfection and serves it with the Alfredo sauce instead of slow cooking or poaching the chicken in the white sauce. I have served this dish with egg Parpadelle pasta but you may also serves it with bread or on its very own. I hope that you will find it to be a keeper! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Broccolini salad with Fremented Beancurd dressing

We never eat enough salad and more often than not, it is because we felt salads are rabbits' food and that salad does not have the satisfying factor during and after eating. As such, to encourage more meat-eaters like yours truly to eat more greens in the form of salad, I realised that the crux is to focus on the selection of vegetable for the salad and secondly, the dressing itself. For vegetables selection, broccoli or cauliflower are good addition as it provides robust texture to the salad, great taste and eating pleasure. Next, the dressing. For this recipe, I have developed a special dressing and I hope that you will find it to be a keeper and encourage you to eat more salad! 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Caesar Salad with Celery Seed dressing

Salad often received a bad reputation as a meal that is made for people on a diet or people who intends to lose weight and this further translates to the food being "not-tasty" or "not delicious". However, the truth may not be so and I will attempt to break the negative stereotype/reputation of salads with this simple recipe which is developed from a fusion between the classic Caesar salad and another clasic, the delicious Nicoise salad. The fragrant nuttiness and savory flavor from the dressing adds so much more dimension to the salad and when topped with grilled chicken, this salad is not only robust and delicious but is also packed with flavor that would impress your guests! 

Pan seared Salmon with Mango Salsa

Salmon is one of the most common fish that we would pay to eat in a restaurant or eatery. I have always liked Salmon due to its sweet and delicate flesh but only as sashimi as I do not like the texture of cooked salmon. But that was an "Ignorant-me" speaking because I never had a properly cooked salmon served in a restaurant before. Now, knowing that when salmon is properly cooked, it is so much more delicious and if I may say so (pardon my confidence), home-cooked salmon is so delicious that I'd pay much more for it as compared to those salmon served while dining out! The good news is, you can also do it and at a much lower cost! Although we do not have the luxury of buying wild caught salmon or having a huge variety of salmon, farmed Norwegian Salmon is the next best thing available in the market and the price can sometimes be as low as S$16.00 per Kg (That is if you buy the whole fish), otherwise you can get a fillet (to serve 2) between S$7.00 and S$11.00! Give this recipe a go! The tanginess and freshness from the salsa, the sweetness from the mango and the fragrance from the Dill pairs tremendously well with the Salmon and I am sure this item would be engrained in your loved one's memories. The only down side? They may request for it again and again!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Oatmeal Bowl with Figs, Banana and Einkorn Berries

A quick breakfast that is packed with all the nutrients and mineral you require for your daily intake. Most of the items can be prep in under 5 mins and the other ingredients can be prep beforehand and kept refrigerated  for close to a week so that you could use it in other recipes as well. There is not much cooking, at best, roasting the nuts. So why is this recipe here? Because as easy as it looks, it is always good to document down how to prepare a decent bowl of oatmeal. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Egg Benedicts with homemade Hollandaise sauce

Egg Benedict. The decadent breakfast that you would pay good money to savour. No self-respecting cafe and opulent new age bistro would omit this item from their line of breakfast menu. So let me take you through how to make and assemble a delicious but good looking Egg Benny that will lift up your spirit while preparing it and impress your mate whom has woke up from bed to be greated with this luxurious breakfast served with a cup of earl grey or latte. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Vegan Pot Sticker

My family loves dumplings and we would prepare a whole dumpling dinner/meal from time to time when the urge comes although it is traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year or Mid Autumn. I would usually opt for the traditional filling of minced pork with cabbage and Koo chives. Although there are already hundreds of dumpling recipes (even vegan ones) out there on the internet, this Vegan Pot Sticker recipe that I have developed is simple, easy to prepare, tasty and most importantly, has a "secret" ingredient that will forever change the way vegan dumplings are prepared!