Project WWWT Day 46 of 72 - Salzburg, Austria

3rd July 2017

Salzburg is truly beautiful. The cultural advancement of the country can be seen true the building architecture, the landscape of the city, the souvenir shops and the antique shops. We have decided that we will do some walking, eating of local delicacies and window shopping.

We have chosen to start our day with lunch at St. Peter Stiftskulinarium. This is not only the oldest restaurant in Salzburg but the oldest in Central Europe with evidence of its existence dating back to pre-14th Century. Due to its history, you should not expect it to be cheap but it was actually not too expensive. Our lunch consists of 4 mains (Spagetti Bolognese for the kids, Wiener Schnitzel for the missus, grilled lamb chops for MIL and Viennese braised veal for yours truly) and a couple of wine and beverages. The bill came up to EUR 126.90, which is not too bad for a decently good meal. Having said that however, the portion is not really that big so I would not recommend to come if you are expecting to have a filling meal. As the restaurant's setting is very tasteful and beautifulI would still recommend this restaurant if you happen to visit Salzburg!

From the restaurant, we walked towards the cable car that will take us up to the Hohensalzburg. Along the way, we will walk pass the tomb that was used for the scene where Captain Von Trapp and his children hid from the Nazi in the movie The Sound of Music.

There is an old gate that you need to exit before seeing the cable car ticketing office on your ride. Do note that on your left, you will see a corner shop that provide photography services to tourist whom wanted to take a photo dressed in the traditional Salzburg attire. Give it a shot, its fun. The view from atop the HohenSalzburg is breathtaking as it provides a vantage point for the whole Salzburg historic city as well as the new city to the south. Do check the weather before visiting the palace as there are not much sheltered areas. For family with children, you will have to take some stairs - a tall one if you enter from the front entrance and a relatively shorter one from the back... so those bringing strollers like yours truly, be warned.