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Project WWWT Day 47( part II) of 72 - Salzburg, Austria

3rd July 2017

Today has been an eventful day. Right after our Konigsee/Berchtesgaden excursion, the Summer day is still young so we headed to the one place that everyone had to visit to get a photograph in Salzburg - Mirabell Palace/Garden. Yeah, we had visited this place on the very first day of our arrival to Salzburg, but the urge to have a photo momento of this place is too overwhelming, especially during a beautiful day like today (its a yours truly habit).

Right after the beautiful garden and reminiscence of The Sound of Music movie which is constantly being played in our TV channel, we headed back to our hotel and call for take-away dinner from Tokyo Bay (I utilise Liefer Service). We orderd some sushi and fried rice. It was truly heartwarming to speak to the person handling my order from Tokyo Bay because she also was a Malaysian and we spoke a bit and told her that I would like to have Fried Rice the Malaysian way. The take-away food was reasonably authentic and suited to my ap…

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