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5 Reasons why I enrolled my son for MMA class

For many of you that knew about my son, Naaman, you may have noticed that he is still quite young. How young? He has not even graduated from nursery. So what is this about enrolling him for MMA? As an accountable person, you may want to queried me with the following questions:
1) He is too young to be enrolled for such type of classes, right?  2) Why not wait until he is older? 3) Does he actually needed to attend the MMA class? 4) That seems a little reckless, don't you think? 5) There are many other important skills such as swimming, english diction, playing a musical instrument etc. etc.
I hear you if you are thinking to ask me those questions and I sincerely appreciate your kind thoughts. However, I am convinced that the benefits of the MMA class will outweighs any negatives of that class. Perhaps you may think that I am crazy or perhaps I am just doing what Asian parents do. Don't we all hoped that our children were able to experienced things that we never did when we we…

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