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Project WWWT Day 45 of 72 - Salzburg, Austria

2nd July 2017

We took the morning train ride from Vienna to Salzburg mainly because I'd like to spend a little more time in Salzburg. The train ride brought us through many picturesque location but the best view is the one hour prior to reaching Salzburg. 

Initially we booked the Motel One Hotel in Salzburg but made a final change to Hotel Mozart instead. The hotel is reasonably comfortable although the room is very small and the per night charges is a little more on the high side but the location and the hotel staff made up for the value we paid for the accommodation. The hotel is very near to the Mirabell Palace i.e. approximately 10 minutes walk with toddlers. 

The hotel reception is quick to point out to us that there is a weekend bazaar nearby and today is the final day that we will get to enjoy it. Having this knowledge, we wasted no time in checking in and dropping our stuffs to head out immediately. The street where the bazaar is located (Linzer Gasse but the bazzar stretc…

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