Mercedes Benz vs. Public Transport

Which one is Faster?

A very interesting read that will put your conviction to the test:

A Neurosurgeon and an Operating Theater (OT) Nurse lives in the same neighborhood with their houses within one block away from each other. Both of them worked together and has a scheduled brain surgery at 10:30AM at Queen Elizabeth Hospital which is a mere 10 miles away from the neighborhood. The surgeon drove a brand new Mercedes Benz to work at 9AM while the OT nurse took the faithful public bus at the same time. She reached Queen Elizabeth Hospital around 9:30AM with ample time to enjoy a cup of coffee and had a chatter with the other nurses who had arrived earlier while he reached at 9:50AM. Why is that so? 

Take some time to think about the reasons before you scroll down further.







There can be many reasons that will contribute to the reason why he reached later than her. A list of possible reasons (Non-exhaustive) are as follow:

1) There is a dedicated bus lane while the Mercedes was caught in the traffic;
2) The Mercedes was held up by a traffic officer for speeding; 
3) The Mercedes was involved in a minor accident;
4) The Mercedes had a technical glitch and hence the delay;
5) The car had a punctured tyre;
6) The Neurosurgeon picks up someone else before heading to the hospital;
7) The Neurosurgeon head elsewhere to buy a cup of coffee/breakfast before heading to the hospital;
8) The Neurosurgeon head to the petrol kiosk to fill up the car.
9) The new Mercedes is really an old vintage Mercedes hence the slower speed;
10) The Mercedes does not have a valid COE/ Road insurance so the Neurosurgeon could not drive it to work;

The list goes on and on with some other more ridiculous ones such as:

1) The bus that the nurse took is really an air bus hence is faster;
2) The bus is a bullet speed bus or something of that nature;
3) The bus is a transformer robot and its more than meets the eye;
4) The Neurosurgeon suddenly had a bout of diarrhea and heads back home to relief himself;

What would your answer be? Was it one of the possible reasons listed above or the more ridiculous ones?

There are no right or wrong answers really, its more of a matter of perception. If you had noticed the photo with the Mercedes at the top, you would have been hinted of the answer. The Neurosurgeon is a woman (She) while the nurse is the man (He)! So the simple reason (Notwithstanding all the above reasons) is that she (Neurosurgeon) reached earlier as she was driving the Mercedes while he (OT nurse) took the public bus which is slower due to the need to stop at many intervals and travelling at a slower speed.

The bigger question is, why would you have the perception that the neurosurgeon is the man while the nurse is the woman? Are you brought up to believe that only men are smart enough to be neurosurgeons while woman are only good enough to be nurses? Are you really brought up to be sexist? I shall not speculate on that because you should answer that yourself. 

If you had answered that the Neurosurgeon is a woman while the Nurse is a guy, congratulations! You are one of the abnormal ones hahahah!

Happy reading and discovering :) 


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