Project WWWT Day 40 of 72 - Prague, Czech Republic

26th June 2017

This is considered the last day for us here in Prague as we will be taking an early morning train from Prague to Vienna, hence we will need to make today count. I started my day early by sneaking out while the missus and kids were still sleeping for a morning walk and photography session. Prague is beautiful in the morning as the tourist attractions are quite empty, the way I liked it. I did take an Uber and stopped at the famous dancing house for a quick shot and proceeded to walk from there to the Charles Bridge. Part of the reason for the morning session was also to scout out some best location for the evening shot later in the day.

We decided to join a lunch cruise which will last for 2.5 hours. The cruise costs Kc650 for adults and Kc450 for children below 12 years old. We need to make our way to the ticketing office where the bus will be transporting us to the Pier at the northern side of the old town. The pier is very near to the InterContinental Hotel, which we visited after the cruise itself. The lunch is buffet style and the spread is reasonable although the goulash tasted a little subpar. I mean, how can you messed up a stew? There are commentaries along the cruise but I don't recall hearing any of it due to the need to constantly watch out for my boys. Overall, I'd recommend visitors to take a cruise to take in Prague from a different angle. For the meal, I'd say give it a miss unless you are travelling with children like I did. The cruise runs from the pier to the southern part of the Prague town at Vysehrad and make a u-turn back up to the north pier.

While you are at the north pier, keep a lookout for the swan resting area. My family and I walked around 100 meters and saw the swans, which made Naaman really excited. I asked him to try and touch the swans while I video him with my iPhone. I kind of held my breath while videoing him doing his feat of touching the swans as I have not touched one myself and wondered whether the swans will bite. Anyway, he managed to touched the swans and was elated to do so while I was proud and relieved that the he succeeded while I had it video-recorded and most importantly, the swans did not bit him. 

We called the day early as we would like to head back to our apartment to pack our stuffs for tomorrow's journey. As mentioned earlier, I had the approval from the missus to head out to take evening photos of Prague and I chose Charles Bridge again to redeem myself of the lousy shots that I have attempted 3 days before. I am well prepared for this session and even climbed into the Kampa Park Playground just to take a shot of the magnificent Charles Bridge.I am satisfied with my photos although it would be nice if I have done so yesterday as I discovered later that the lighting during weekends are brighter and slightly nicer (Well, slightly is a relative term and in photography sense, could make it or break the photo).

Some final photos to share for my travel here in Prague. Next stop, Vienna! Wait for me Gustav Klimt, I am coming for you!