Choice? What choice?

How many of you have woken up on a monday and think to yourself "What? I have to work today?" then reluctantly dragged your body out of bed leaving the mind sleeping on that oh-so-cozy bed? Well, it seemed like a regular routine to me but nevertheless, today, I actually sleep past the hour by 15 minutes and that will definitely causes me to be late! So then, I would have to take a cab to work, which I did and cost me S$10, not that I have a choice.
However, the ride somewhat was enjoyable and the can driver was nothing short of entertaining. We were talking about the economy and the taxi market & players when I suddenly popped out a phrase "NO CHOICE" and the cab driver retorted me saying that there are always choices. Now let me put this forward to you, if you are in a situation whereby a thug with a knife on your belly saying "Give me your money or I stuck this knife into your belly!", what would you have thought? Notice that I ask you what would you have THOUGHT and not DO. I personally would not think much but have my mind automatically command my hand to reach out towards my wallet and give the thug the money. There is really nothing much to think of right?
The cab driver almost instantaneously said "NO!". You still have a choice in a situation like that. "WHAT CHOICE?!" you may ask and here is what the cab driver said. "Well, in a situation like that, you could ask the thug the following:
1 - Do you really wanted to stick that knife into my belly if I don't give you my wallet?
2 - Sticking a knife into my belly will do you any good?
3 - IF I won't give you my wallet, does it means that you will have no other choices?
...basically, YOU can choose to give the thug doubt and that IS your CHOICE."
Well, sounds a lil bit unorthodox but it does have its own kinda wisdom. However, I guess I would still give the thug the money EVEN if after all those questions. The reason is simple, I don't carry much cash in my wallet and my ATM card does not have that much money anyway. I usually transfer all the dough to my savings account without an ATM card and the money available in my ATM account is only good enough for my monthly basic expenditure e.g. transport card money and meals, which only works out to be a minimal sum. ;)