Bali 3 Days 2 Nights Rejuvenation and Relaxation

Bali Rejuvenation

If you knew me or have read my blog for sometime, I am pretty sure (90% confidence level) that you will say "Bali again???" Well, what can I say? It is definitely the top choice in my list for a rejuvenating holiday away from the hectic Singapore lifestyle.

This time around, I took advantage of the promotion from the Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort. This piece of property is previously managed by the Le Meridién Group but has since been taken over by Pan Pacific Group and is going through a major overhaul of the facilities and rooms. As such, they are offering their Villa at a bargain of USD220 per night! Some may say that striking the jackpot is a once in a lifetime event, well I would say to get such a low price for a Pan Pacific Villa is in itself a once in a lifetime event.

This trip will only span for a short 3D2N but due to our flight ticket, we have to make it 3D3N instead. Our flight reached around 2340 hour and due to the late arrival, we decided to just get a budget hotel to spend the night instead of wasting the one night in Pan Pac. This time round, I took the Singapore-Bali flight on my own and has booked a separate ticket for my wife as she is having an evening event that she has to attend to and could only take the later flight, so instead of taking AirAsia, she took Singapore Airlines. On my arrival, I was being greeted by a familiar face, Pak Made! He has always been of great service for car rental and IMO, he has one of the best rates in town! So if you need his service, you may visit the following, remember to quote me (Johnathan from Singapore) for better rate:
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The first night was spent in Tune Hotel Double Six in Legian as we would not want to waste our money by checking in late in the evening into a nice and expensive place. This Hotel is truly situated out of no where! If you wanted to stay in this hotel, it would be good to at least rent a motorbike, why? Firstly, because it is out of no where (Which means food and everything else is hard to come by) and secondly, the pathway to the hotel is very narrow and may proof to be too hard for you to navigate. Parking is also very limited!!! You have been warned! Oh, from the many experiences of fellow friends who mentioned to me that they didn't enjoy Bali as much as Phuket, they would be retorted directly with 2 questions:

1) Where did you stay and what sort of accomodation is that?
2) What did you do/visit during your stay in Bali?

The usual answer that I would get is that they are staying in some 3 start or budget hotel in Kuta and they stayed there for their entire vacation. Bali has so much to offer than just the beach and sea activities and Bali is not about Kuta. What made Bali such a great place is the combination of many things viz. the beach, the sunset, the food, the arts, the many great architecture, the wonderful and tasteful accomodations, landscape, skies, the culture and most importantly the Balinese people themselves! It would easily take you months to take in all these and that is the reason why a 3D2N is not enough and more so if you are not staying in a nice Balinese themed accommodation. Forget about budget and 3 stars hotel if your wallet can afford and opt for better accommodations. Otherwise, save up your $$$ to take in more sights and activities that will allow you to enjoy Bali even more.

I could not be happier to be out of Tune Hotel the next day as we took off early in the morning towards Pan Pacific which is situated slightly 20-30mins north of Seminyak. The resort hotel is right beside the famed Water Temple called the Pura Tanah Lot. Along the way, we stopped  at a local fruit market and bought tonnes of fruits to last us for the 3D2N stay. As for the rest of the trip, its basically just relax, enjoy, read a good book and bonding ;) (And to do this, either splurge on a great accomodation or great location).

Double Six Legian Tune Hotel
Reasonably clean but the size is very limited hence yours truly in the shot.

Some street side local breakfast.
Shredded chicken with instant noodle, rice and relish.

The pavilion of the single room Pan Pacific Villa

Fruits are not complimentary, the chocolates are

The Villa is equipped with a spacious marble shower room 
and has a bath tub in it

Really comfy bed is essential for a
relaxing holiday for both my wife and I

Personal plunge pool right beside the river

Pan Pacific is famed for its golf course and has won an award for that.
As yours truly is a novice, the driving range would do just fine.

Signature of the Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort is this awesome
view of Tanah Lot temple from the last golf hole


The plunge pool is a little on the small side but if this hippo fits well, so can you.

The exact view of Tanah Lot from the last golf hole  

This is taken from the other famous temple, Uluwatu aka Cliff temple

See that temple that resembles a canopy sitting on the cliff?

By far, the fattest macaques that I have seen in my life!

Last minute shopping at Discovery Mall in Kuta

See you again!

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  1. Thanks for this post. My friend and I will be staying at Pan Pac in August. I will contact your driver!

  2. Thanks for popping by and read my posts. Hope you enjoy your trip (I did) and do ask Pak Made to recommend places to eat ;)


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